Masters and Mercenaries – 1-3 by Lexi Blake

The Dom who loved me

Sean Taggart works for an elite securtiy team run by his brother, Ian.  Getting close to the targets personal assistant was not exactly the high point of the mission until he sees her.

Grace Hawthorne would not describe herself as young or petite.  At 40 years of age, widowed with two sons already in college, she only has her job left to look forward too but when Sean enters her life it takes a drastic turn.

Sean’s dominant side soons makes an appearance leaving Grace feeling hot and confused. Does she want a life of submission and how long can a man like Sean be interested in an older women anyway?

When threats escalate it is up to Sean to do the right thing.  Is walking away from Grace really the answer?


The Men with the Golden Cuffs 

Serena Brooks is in trouble. As a writer of erotic novels she has found that people don’t always accept differences but when her stalker starts esclating to personal threats she seeks out the help of McKay/Taggart Securities.

Jacob Dean and Adam Miles have been best friends since joining the army together.  They have found that they like to share more than just a home, they like to share their women too.  When they are assigned to protect and investigate Serena Brooks will they be able to resist staking a claim to her.

Serena is a very curious writer and finds that the lifestyle of Jake and Adam is very appealling.  Submitting to Jakes dominant side leads to more than just a little research and when she is introduced to the ‘Club’ all her fantasies come true, but how long will they last?  How can Serena possibly keep the interest of not one but two alpha males?

When all evidence points to an inside job will Jake and Adam believe in the trust and love that could be theirs or will their past insecurities cause them to lose the one women they could both love?


A Dom is forever 

Liam O’Donnell has been in hiding since the day his brother was killed. Leaving Ireland and working for his old friend Ian Taggart has kept him occupied, along with being a Dom at Club Sanctum. Never wanting more than a one night stand, Liam is more than happy to go undercover to seduce the assistant of a possible gun runner.

Ten years ago Avery Charles lost everything, her husband, her child and the use of her legs.  Years in hospital learning to walk again made her strong but was she strong enough to deal with Liam O’Donnell. When her philothropist boss becomes the target of an investigation, Avery’s life is turned upside down. Can she trust those around her or is Liam just using her to get what he needs?


I will be completely honest and say that I did not expect to enjoy these books. I have never really taken much interest in the ‘Club scene’ type stories with hardcore Dom/sub, but these books did surprise me as they are not really hardcore at all. There are moments where I feel the women’s humiliation but the way they are written this doesn’t last long and feeds into the feelings between Dom and Sub well. Each male in their own story has a dominant side looking for his perfect sub but also looking for a life partner. None of them are 24/7 Doms.

There is also the suspense side of each story which detracts from the whole BDSM side.  The team is primarily a group of former military men who have a shared interest in BDSM. They are essentially one big happy family (ok, not always happy) but the bond between them is hard to break.  When the men find the woman they want there is nothing that will stop him from claiming her as his own and the women are more than happy to be claimed. As with all books of this type there is the moment when all seems lost – the alpha says something stupid, the woman does something stupid, or the bad guy gets past there defences, but I will say that so far each has had a HEA.  Something else that I enjoyed about these books is the continued presense  of the characters from the previous books and the ending of each leads onto the beginning of the next.

The scenes are fairly mild but gives a glimpse into the world of BDSM.  If you like this in a story then I think you will enjoy this series.  They have opened my mind up to reading other books along a similar line.

I will be reading more of this series in the future.



Return to Falcon Ridge – The McLendon Family Saga #6 by D.L. Roan

Jonah McLendon has returned.  After a year and a half away from Falcon Ridge he has finally decided that it was time to face his family and the demons he left behind.

Jonah has never forgotten Chloe, the girl who betrayed him and had him beaten to within an inch of his life, and finding out the his best friend, Pryce, is now engaged to her sends emotions and tempers flying.  But not everything is as Jonah believes.  Pryce, Chloe and Jonah have some big decisions to make and not everyone is happy with their arrangement.

When the truth is revealed can Jonah earn back the trust and respect of the people he loves most?


This is such a fantastic series.  The characters grow from book to book and they never fail to make you fall further in love with each and every one of them.

Jonah is the twin brother of Dani (who I believe is the focus of the next story) and found himself in love with not only his girlfriend but also his best friend.  The prejudices that arise during this story are all too common in every day society.  Two men and one woman is not deemed to be the social norm and therefore is wrong.   If this series of books has shown me anything it is that no matter what the dynamics it is the love within that is important.  Anyway that’s all a bit deep, let’s get back to the awesome story of Jonah, Pryce and Chloe, and what a story it is!  Finding out more about the Grunions has been interesting… Mother Grunion needs a damn good slap! Absolutely loved the part where Pryce has finally had enough and tells her like it is. Still she has to keep trying to control him. Seriously, how did she expect him to react?  The relationship between Jonah, Pryce and Chloe is brilliant. And I just loved the reactions from each and every member of the McLendon family.

Wonderful story of love, trust, understanding and believing in yourself. All three of the main characters broke free from their own insecurities and believed in what they wanted.

Word of warning: If you have issues with menagé relationships,  Polyamory marriages or M/M sex then do not read any of these books. If however you enjoy high levels of amazing sex scenes with drop dead gorgeous cowboys who are not ashamed of being naked then why the hell haven’t you started reading them already?!

The Random Series Boxed Set – Books 1 – 8 by Julia Kent

Finding a naked man on the side of the road was not what Darla expected as she drove home. Well, in all fairness he wasn’t completely naked – he had a guitar and a collar around his neck.  Picking up the naked hitch-hiker was also not something she expected to do.  Welcome to the Random Acts of Crazy!

This series follows the lives of the not-yet-discovered rock band, Random Acts of Crazy, starting with Darla picking up their lead singer and guitarist, Trevor.  Coming to his rescue is the bass player and his best friend, Joe.  Between the three there will be laughs, tears, love and a great deal of sex!

The other band members, Liam, Sam, and stand-in bass player, Tyler, each have their own story to tell.  Finding love with his own special woman will not be easy for any of the guys but when Random Acts of Crazy happen anything is possible .

With a trip to a fantasy sex island, a batch of dodgy gummy bears,  a road trip from hell, Christmas strippers and a stolen chicken called Mavis, what could possibly go wrong?

Random Acts Series

Book 1 – Random Acts of Crazy

Book 2 – Random Acts of Trust

Book 3 – Random Acts of Fantasy

Book 4 – Random Acts of Hope

Book 5 – Randomly Ever After – Sam and Amy

Book 6 – Random Acts of Love

Book 7 – Random on Tour Los Angeles

Book 8 – Merry Random Christmas



So, I have just read the entire series in 9 days, possibly my own Random Act of Crazy.  The antics that these guys (and girls) get up to is hilarious.  If you are easily offended by threesomes, the use of hallucinogenic drugs, the word ‘fuck’, and the emotional bonding between a man and his chicken, then this series is really not for you.

All the books involve the wonderful main characters – Darla, Trevor and Joe – and there ups and downs (in all respects) over the course of a few years.  Along the way we find out more about the other band members – Liam, Sam and Tyler – who each have their own story, but there is never a quiet time with Darla around.

Starting with a naked, high Trevor hitchhiking along the highway, being picked up by Darla and  then rescued by Joe, the story of the three begin. Joe and Trevor are best friends and had never dreamed about sharing a woman before but when they meet Darla the intrigue of how it could work sets them wondering about not how it works but if it really could work.  Darla can’t believe that these two gorgeous men could both be interested in her and the moral and social implications of being a shared woman causes her to have issues integrating into the relationship.

I laughed, I winced, I got really angry (especially with Joe!) but through it all I knew that the story unfolding would be heartbreakingly painful with outbreaks of hilarity. All the characters have their own individual personalities but work so well together.

Now that I have come to the end of the series I can honestly say that I will miss reading about the highs and lows of this intrepid band of misfits. I know that they also appear in ‘It’s Always Complicated’ along with some of the characters from ‘Her Billionaires’ and the ‘Obedient’ series which I will be rereading very soon. Good Luck Darla! Enjoy the rest of your life with two hot men and make sure they are worthy of your love and affection.

Blindfold Fantasy by D.L. Roan

Jayne Simon has led a very safe and boring life, complete with safe, boring sex.  When she wins a  prestigious architectural job her best friend decides that a celebratory weekend in Vegas is in order with ALL the benefits, including living out her wildest fantasy…having blindfold sex with a complete stranger.

Blake Travers left L.A. after the death of his fiancée and hired himself out as an Escort.  The timely arrival of his best friend, Devin, means that he can now cover his double booking with Devin’s help.  Devin has no idea what is in store but one night with Jayne and he is obsessed.

Jayne arrives in L.A. a week after her magical fantasy night to find that her Escort, Blake, is her new project manager. The one problem she has is that he doesn’t recognise her from their night in Vegas.
When Devin Kirk, CEO of SI, returns after a trip to Canada he is astounded to find the girl of his dreams in Blake’s office.

Can a relationship be built on a fantasy? And what happens when both your bosses are attracted to you and propose an unconventional arrangement?


Oh WOW! DeElle has done it again with this fantasy turned reality story. Let’s face it, who hasn’t had the blindfold fantasy or the menage fantasy?

The one thing I like about DeElle’s books are that the male characters are up front from the beginning with what they want from their woman.  They do not hide who they are or what they enjoy and it leads to a more open, happy and honest relationship.  As always though, there is someone who wants to destroy their happiness.

Blake and Devin have a very unique relationship and understand each other.  They need a woman who will understand and accept their needs.  They had it once before but in a slightly different way from how they want their relationship with Jayne. I had so much trouble putting this book down that I only got two hours sleep last night (tired now!)

I know I have not currently reviewed them all but I have read all the books by this author now. If you are open-minded about realtionships and how they work differently for different people then I highly recommend these books.  Plus there is guaranteed hot, steamy sex!

Weekend Surrender – The Surrender Series #1 by Lori King

Rachel Morgan has not had much luck with men.  Her father left and every man she has been with since then has either cheated on her or left her.  Determined to get her own back on her latest break-up she finds herself at the local bar faced with four very hot cowboys, all wanting her, and to top it all off they are brothers.

The Brooks brothers have been secretly in love with Rachel Morgan for years but have waited for a suitable time to set their plan in motion.  Seeing Rachel turn up at the bar wearing next to nothing is the perfect time. Will Rachel surrender to them for the weekend or can they convince her to make it longer?



Ok, so what woman wouldn’t want four hot, sexy cowboys to fulfill her every desire? The passion and story-line are not the best I’ve read but if you want a book that has lots of ménage sex, and have ever wondered about the logistics of having 4 men, then this will appeal to you.

I’m going to have to insert a spoiler here because I need to discuss this.  Why do a lot of these books have to have the woman get pregnant before she realises what she wants? This is a bit of a pet hate of mine.  Too many writers fall back on the “girl gets pregnant” plot in order for her to get the man she wants or for him to see what he wants.  Some are written well and it fits in with the story and even enhances the connection between the characters but some, like this, it just seems that she needed an excuse to go back to them instead of doing it because she wanted to.

May read the next one at some stage but no real desire to get it yet.


The Hardest Goodbyes – McLendon Family Saga #5 by D. L. Roan

Daniel Gregory was hiding. Hiding who he really was from the world, but as a soldier in the 1980’s he had no choice.

One man saw straight through him and so began a lifetime of goodbyes.

Cade Candelle had assignments. Working for the CIA he could get moved at a moments notice. Knowing that he should never get involved didn’t stop his heart from having other thoughts. Two hearts broke with their first goodbye.

Are we destined to be with that one person and no matter what life throws at us we will find our way back? Or is Goodbye really Goodbye?


Love is love no matter who is involved and this is most definitely a love story. Happiness can be found through love and whether it is male/female, male/male, female/female or in some cases male/male/male/female who are we to judge, everyone has a heart that can be filled with joy and broken in two.

Cade and Daniel’s story had me both smiling and crying. It shows how times have changed but not always prejudices, although unconventional relationships are more high accepted now than they were back in the 80’s.

This is a great book with a fantastic storyline that encompasses the previous McLendon books and also the Survivors’ Justice book (although it is not essential to read this series first it would help). I love all the characters in this series and it great to see how their lives progressing.

Brilliant series.

McLendon Christmas – The McLendon Family Saga #2 by D. L. Roan

Gabby and her men are looking forward to spending Christmas together with some new additions to the family. When Gabby starts feeling unwell, Grey goes into over-protective mode but is it just tiredness like Gabby thinks or could there be more to it?


A great novella. I loved catching up with the gang at Falcon Ridge. Gabby is very much in control of her men and the boys, Carson and Connor have fully accepted her as their mum. All the original characters are back to share Christmas with them and a few surprises are in store.

Next up for the McLendon’s is “Rock Star Cowboys” – Carson and Connor’s story.
You can also follow the story of Grant and Thalia in “Surviving Redemption”