Rook and Ronin: Complete Seven Book Series (Rook and Ronin Spinoff #1-4) by J.A. Huss


Rook is alone, desperate and running.  Leaving behind an abusive relationship she follows the hand of fate and finds herself in the studio of Antoine Chaput. Becoming an erotic model for the famous photographer was never in her plans but with the stunningly gorgeous Ronin directing her through it, how hard could it be?


Following in the success of the TRAGIC contract, Rook is approached to be the girl of STURGIS, much to Ronin’s dismay.  In a fit of anger, Rook signs the deal only to find out that not only will she be painted nude by the full body-paint artist, Spencer Shrike, she will also be filmed, for three months by a reality T.V. crew, for Shrike’s Bikes. Ronin has issues of his own to deal with and, with the modelling deal in full swing, pressure is put on there fragile relationship.  When the past starts catching up with them can Rook and Ronin survive the challenges that face them?


Rook dreams of being a film maker and wants to go to film school. Ronin wants a family of his own and is willing to wait for Rook but will she ever be ready.  Rook’s past is right on her doorstep and only the TEAM can help protect her.  Spencer, Ford and Ronin have been a Team since they all went to school together but an incident in the past has kept them apart.  Now they will have to work together again to protect Rook, but is their own past about to catch up with them?


Ford Aston wants to be left alone.  His infatuation with Rook needs to end or he knows he will do something both of them will regret.  Driving to LA on New’s Years Eve may be the worst mistake of his life but when fate drives him to meet a depressed and suicidal Ashleigh it maybe more than her life he is saving.


The love of Spencer’s life, Veronica Vaughn, is getting tired of her on/off relationship with Spencer, which for the past year has been more off than on.  Fed up with knowing that Spencer is dating other women, Ronnie decides her time has come to move on with her life.  Changing career, moving home and dating are all on her mission to get her life away from Spencer Shrike, if only her heart would join the plan.

Spencer Shrike has loved his Bombshell, Ronnie Vaughn, from the first moment he met her and keeping her at a distance is killing him.  Not wanting his past to effect her future, Spencer does everything he can to ensure her safety until all threats are contained, however even the most careful planning can have its flaws and, no matter how hard he tries, Ronnie could be in danger however he plays it.

The whole TEAM come together to conclude the journey that started with a lonely girl and ended with relationships that will span the tests of time.



This series is captivating from start to finish.  J.A. Huss has a way of bring characters to life in such a way that no matter how much you want to dislike them you can’t.  Rook is young but has had to grow up fast. Ronin knows the effects that an abusive relationship can cause and sees the pain in Rook from the beginning.  Although the first three books in this series are based mainly on Rook and Ronin their story would be nothing without the addition of the side characters – Spencer and Ronnie, Ford and Ashleigh, Elise and Antoine. The four spin-off stories are essential reading as, although they focus on Ford and Spencer, they still continue the story of the TEAM and all the problems that arose with Rook and their not-so legitimate backgrounds.

There were moments I just wanted to slap the whole lot of them but everything they did was done for a reason.  Secrets are rife throughout all the series but are also essential to the story and how it plays out for each character.  Their paths were destined to cross and each couple fits together perfectly.

There are some stories that you can’t wait to get to the end to read the happy ever after and then there are those that you want to continue on past the HEA into the rest of the their lives that follow, this was definitely a life following series.




Escape to Paradise by Victoria Zak, D.L. Roan, Lana Williams, Xyla Turner, J.D. Monroe, Hildie McQueen, Olivia Gaines, Tigris Eden

Ever wanted to escape to a paradise island where all your dreams and fantasies can come true?  Welcome to Indulgences.

This boxset comprises of a compilation of short stories all based on the Indulgences Resort –

MIDNIGHT’S KISS by Victoria Zak & DL Roan


UNDERTONES by Xyla Turner



FRANKLIN’S HEART by Olivia Gaines

A GAME OF HEARTS by Tigris Eden


Came across this series of books thanks to one of my favourite authors – D. L. Roan. When the boxset was released I had to give it a try and so glad I did.  These books are cleverly written in that they all based at Indulgence Resort on Aragon Island.  There are recurring characters in all the stories – Antonio Aragon, the Islands owner, his work partner and lover, Kenderly, and Mario, the extravagant and outrageous events manager.

Each story is based around a couple, either arriving separately or together, who find themselves living out fantasies they didn’t even realise they had.  Don’t misunderstand, these fantasies don’t tend towards the kink (well not all) but more to do with finding or rekindling love in exciting and erotic ways.

Great series and a brilliant way to introduce new authors to your reading selection. I will definitely be reading some of the books by the other authors now.

The Complete Knight Trilogy – Knight #1-3 by Kitty French

Lucien Knight is the enigmatic CEO of Knight Industries, and he is looking for a new PA. When an envelope sealed with a kiss arrives on his desk he knows he has found her.

Sophie Black is bored.  Bored of her work as a building contractors PA, bored of a marriage to man who she is convinced is having an affair, and bored with the routine of dinner, T.V., bed (and not the fun kind of bed). With the help of her friend Kara she sends the application to Knight Industries.

Lucien knows that the shy, reserved woman in front of him has a wild streak he just needs to help her unleash it. When he finds out her husband is a cheating no-good liar, Lucien decides to broaden Sophie’s horizons.  Being the owner of several Adult Entertainment clubs comes in handy to loosen her up and show her that life can be anything but dull.

With a past filled with pain and no plans for his future, Lucien soon finds that he is not only the teacher but also the student, and Sophie will teach him far more about love than he ever dreamed possible.


Kitty French is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.  This is vastly different to the first book of hers that I read – The Skeletons of Scarborough House – but no less enjoyable.

Lucien’s character is brilliant.  The ultimate CEO of the adult industry, he has all the charm and charisma to go with it.  I love his loyalty above all else.  The one moment where he tries to purge Sophie from his thoughts I was quietly screaming ‘NOOOO!’ but it all ends well and when the love emerges there is no stopping him.

Sophie epitomises many women who find themselves stuck in a hum drum marriage with the daily routine of life.  For Sophie, getting out of it was essential.  Her husband was a lying cheater who thought that she would just forgive and forget after 3 years with a mistress, fortunately for Sophie she had Lucien on her side.  I know that technically she also cheated on her husband and she was riddled with guilt because of it, but seriously…he deserved it!

Book One brought the pair together and apart.

Book Two brings them back together and delves deeper into Lucien’s past and forges the future for them.

Book Three confirms their union and brings a little love Kara’s way.

A great series based around a taboo subject but with a touch humour along the way.

Anchor Me – Stark Trilogy #4 by J. Kenner

Nikki and Damien are ready to move on with their future.  Nikki’s own business is taking off and the demons of the past seem to be quiet.  However, when tragedy strikes a vicious blow can the couple survive the fallout to follow.  With more secrets being kept Nikki finds her strength wavering and the one person she could turn to is holding back. Can Damien be the anchor that keeps her strong or is their relationship sinking?


Exciting continuation of the series.  I love Damien and Nikki’s story and have followed them through thick and thin.  Damien’s love for Nikki has never waivered and he shows her at every turn, even when things are at there darkest.  Nikki is dependant on Damien to give her what she needs in preference to cutting but during this story he holds back, causing doubts to rise within Nikki which drives her even closer to the edge.  Everything is done for a reason.

Damien never disappoints.  I have been a fan of his since the opening book and the love, trust and pride he has in Nikki only reinforces my like of his character.  He has had his own stuff to deal with and has had to keep secrets all his life so it’s no wonder he finds it hard to open up, even to Nikki.

Although I really like Nikki, I was actually in agreement with her with regards the familiy issue.  I’m not saying that she wouldn’t make a great mum and that having a child may alleviate some of her anxieties, but I also know (from experience of being a mum) that children can make life a lot more stressful.  Getting her desire to cut whenever life doesn’t go quite right under control would definitely be a starting point as several times throughout this story she reached for a sharp object, so I can see why she would be concerned.

I hope there will be more in this series even in the form of novellas (there is a 4.1 out already). I don’t think Nikki and Damien’s story is finished yet.

Stark Trilogy #3.5, #3.6, #3.7, #3.8, #3.9, #3.10, #3.11 by J. Kenner


The continuing saga of Damien Stark and Nikki Fairchild.

From wedding drama to birthday surprises, with a Valentines Day treasure hunt thrown in, Damien and Nikki share their love and battle the past that still haunts them both in this set of Novellas.


If you have loved Nikki and Damien’s story so far you will be delighted with this collection of novellas that track there lives through the following two years.  There is a wedding that is not to be missed followed by an interesting Honeymoon. Valentines Day brings out Damien’s romantic side and can Nikki finally keep a secret from him when his birthday approaches.  All our favourite characters are back to share in the drama along with a few new ones – their stories are told in the companion series of Stark International, Most Wanted and S.I.N.  Also some not-so-welcome familiar faces pop up when they are least expected or wanted.

These books really are a must before you read Anchor Me, the forth installment for Nikki and Damien.

The Stark Trilogy – Stark Trilogy #1-3 by J. Kenner

Damien Stark, multi-billionaire and former professional tennis player, can have any women he wants but for some reason, unknown to her, he has set his sights on Nikki Fairchild.

Relentless and very persuasive, Damien offers Nikki a deal she cannot resist.  It is supposed to be their secret. One week. One portrait. One Million Dollars.

As sparks fly between them and a connection neither can deny surfaces it becomes apparent that not everyone is thrilled by their relationship and when unknown forces and secrets threaten to tear them apart, will their passion and attraction be enough to get them through.


Great series.

Damien Stark is the hot billionaire who has secrets in his past.  Nikki Fairchild is the former pageant princess-turned-computer geek with secrets of her own.

The connection between Damien and Nikki is filled with passion and sexual tension but when that tension ignites they are on fire.  Damien is Nikki’s anchor and Nikki is Damien’s comfort.  The two work well together and despite the external influences that try to break them apart they only grow stronger.

Throughout the three book series we meet some really interesting characters – Jamie, Ollie, Evelyn and Blaine – each of which brings their own special personality to the stories.

There are some very steamy sex scenes and a light sprinkling of BDSM.  The chemistry that engulfs these two through the pages is evident and the growing love they have for each other is beautiful. Damien will do anything to protect Nikki and ensure her safety, Nikki will do anything for Damien – period!

The original trilogy of this series consists of the novels – Release Me, Claim Me and Complete Me.  I highly recommend this series if you have been a fan of either Fifty Shades or Crossfire. Damien could definitely hold his own with Christian and Gideon.

There are several accompanying novellas and due to popular demand there has also been a forth full novel recently released, all to be read and reviewed soon.


The Bound Heart – The Velvet Basement #2 by Elsa Holland

For two years Olive Thompson tormented him by coming to his Bookbinding shop.  Every Friday, like clockwork, she would be there with the delivery of twine, thread and ribbon. If she only knew what he would like to do to her with it.  But his world was not for her. How could it be.  The Art of the Rope is not something for an innocent.

Just a taste. That’s all he wanted then he could leave the torment behind.

Olive Thompson knew there was something dark about Mr James Edwards but not until she saw the photos did she ever dream what he could do.  Instead of being disgusted she found them intriguing.  Making Mr Edwards see her as the woman she was would take determination and courage. Becoming the woman she knew she could be would take Mr Edwards.


I have read books on bondage relating to BDSM before but this is the first one dedicated to the Japanese art of the Rope – Shibari. It has an elegant twist in the format of being set in the late 19th century when sexual exploites was much more a taboo subject.

Olive is a very strong character who, despite the constant pressure from her mother and sisters to find work on the streets, sticks to her principles of being an embroider.  For two years she has been infatuated with Mr Edwards and has tried to express her interest but he has always kept his distance.

Jamie Edwards knows what he enjoys and that enjoyment comes in the form of rope and what he can do with it.  Learning from a Japanese master from an early age, the art of rope tying and suspension has always intriugued him.  Finding like-minded women who will indulge his fantasies has not been a problem but the one woman he wants to do it to he knows he can’t, or can he?  Olive has been in his heart but he has his rules and they are set for a reason.  No one, not even Olive, will make him break them…

Olive and Jamie are the perfect blend of light and darkness.  He believes he lives in the dark world not suitable for her, she wants to bring light to his and show him that there is a little darkness in her too.

I was fascinated by the intricate styles that can be created with the rope and how the strength of the woman is highly important for the art.  This book showed the highly erotic nature of Shibari but also the connection between two people who enjoy each other and what they can give each other.