The Misters Series, Five,  and Mr & Mrs by J. A. Huss

Ten years ago the lives of five wealthy and respected college students was turned upside down by an accusation of rape. Dubbed the Misters of Brown, Mr Perfect, Mr Romantic, Mr Corporate, Mr Mysterious and Mr Match have managed to keep under the radar but now they are finding their pasts are coming back to haunt them.

Finding love was never in their futures but, as each Mister finds a woman, can he keep her from the danger that follows him.  Can coming back together to save their women (and their women saving them!) bring an end to their past and finally put their ghosts to rest.

Danger, mystery, lies and betrayal blend together with love, romance and friendship to make a compelling series that should not be missed.

Joining the Misters is Five, who appears frequently and plays a major role throughout the Mister series.

Finishing the series in a spectacular way is Mr & Mrs.  All the Misters are getting married. One island, six grooms, six brides, children, kittens and pigs, what could possibly go wrong?!


Fantastically brilliant from start to finish. All seven books read in 2 weeks proves that I could not put them down.  As soon as one was finished it was straight onto the next.  More of the plot and mystery is revealed with each book and although they are classed as a standalone…seriously, why would you only want to read to one?

To get the most out of this series they really should be read in order although I am undecided where I would put Five.  His book brings a lot of answers and although it is labelled 0.5 and is technically a prequel, I read him after Mr Match but before Mr & Mrs as his book brings a lot of answers that could potentially spoil elements of the Mister books.

The female characters are all perfectly matched to their Mister and the connection between each is….HOT!  Hot Kisses, Hot Sex, just HOT!

If you have never read this author before then I can highly recommend her.  She has lots of series and most seem to be connected.  I would suggest reading The complete Rook and Ronin series first (see blog post) as the Mister series does contain some of their children but in all honesty it is not essential. There is a very good chance that if you read this series first you will want to go back and find out what happened with the Flynn’s, the Shrike’s and the Aston’s anyway.

So much potential for future books…Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Thanks Julie for bringing us these wonderful characters.



Right – Wrong #2 by Jana Aston

Everly Jensen believes that there is one perfect, right man out there for her and his name is Finn Camden, her brother’s best friend.

Since the age of six, Everly has planned her life around Finn, going to extreme lengths to gain his attention. During one of her many ploys, Everly comes face to face with the most annoying, intrusive and captivating man she has ever met.

Will Everly get her man? and which man will it be?


Loved this book as much as the first.

Everly is a brilliant character.  She works with Sophie at Grind Me and appears frequently throughout “Wrong”.  She is completely obsessed with her brother’s best friend, Finn Camden and will literally do anything to get his attention but everything she does seems to push him further away.

Sawyer Camden has heard all about Everly and her exploits from his younger brother, and when he finally meets her his interest is piqued.  Knowing that Finn is completely wrong for her, Sawyer sets out to prove that maybe she should be setting her sights on the right brother.

I found this story to be more comical than the first and no less addictive.  As it progresses it gains in seriousness and I’ll be honest, you could be laughing one minute and close to tears the next.   It is very well written with the character developments and connections working really well. Sophie and Luke both make appearances along with some new characters, namely Chloe (Trust) and Sandra (Fling).

I would highly recommend this series if you like hot me, hot sex, and a good storyline.

Wrong – Wrong #1 by Jana Aston

If anyone can attract the wrong man it is Sophie Tisdale.  Her longest relationship was to a guy who turned out to be gay, and her current boyfriend seems to be a player.  So what could be wrong with having a little crush on the hot guy that comes to the coffee shop where she works?  Nothing…except when he turns out to be her gynaecologist and all she’s wearing is a paper gown!

But could, just this once, Mr Wrong be Mr Right?


Could not put this book down and read it in one day. Brilliant!

Sophie was born to a teenager mother and never knew her father so she has always been cautious of sex.  When she finally decides that the time is right she plans ahead to get birth control.  Unbeknown to her, the handsome guy that comes in the coffee shop every Tuesday is the exact same person who will be doing her examination….Awkward!

Sophie and Luke continue to cross paths and when Luke finds out some disturbing information about her current boyfriend he steps in and takes her home, to his home.

Sophie is a lot younger than Luke and although this caused problems in the beginning the pair soon come to terms with it.  This was not the only hurdle Sophie had to jump…there is his family, his ex, her ex,  best-friends with good intentions and a surprise relation… all of which makes for an interesting read.  Put that together with hot, HOT sex and you’ve got yourself a curl-up-on-sofa with tea/coffee/wine story that you’ll want to keep reading.





Cowboys of Chance Creek Vol 0.5-2 by Cora Seton

Welcome to Chance Creek.  In this first selection of books based around the good-looking cowboys of Chance Creek we meet a group of friends out to find their brides.  This box set consists of:

The Cowboy Inherits a Bride – When Sunshine Patterson moves to Chance Creek to fulfil her dream of running her own restaurant she is in for a few surprises, least of all being Cole Linden. Finding out that they are both inheritors of the same building puts the pair toe to toe in a competition that would save one and ruin the other.  But will sharing an apartment bring them closer or make them fight harder?

The Cowboy’s Email Order Bride – Ethan Cruz thought his life was set until the day his parents died.  His family ranch is on the brink of bankruptcy and the woman he loves has left him, the last thing Ethan needs is to be the butt of yet another practical joke by his friend, Rob.  But will the joke be him when Autumn Leeds, a New York girl, answers the ad for a cowboys bride?

The Cowboy Wins a Bride – Jamie Lassiter has been in love with Claire Cruz since they were children but when Claire leaves the ranch and moves away, Jamie believes he has lost his chance.  With the wedding of his best friend on the horizon, Jamie makes plans to finally win Claire’s heart but it seems that fear and anger run deep in Claire.  Can Jamie convince her that his intentions are true and will Claire ever learn to trust again?


I do love a good cowboy romance. Testosterone filling every page and the women swooning at their boots.  This collection did not disappoint.  The first book is really only a novella but introduces the main characters for the rest of the series.  I was a little disappointed that Cole and Sunshine did not appear in the next two books but after looking into this I found that their story was actually published two years after book 1 and they will return with a continuation of their story in book 9.

These are definite feel good, HEA stories that have their ups and downs but ultimately the cowboy will get his bride.  Each story focuses on a different main character who, whether they know it or not, will tread a rocky path in the name of true love.

Wide open ranch land, good friends, and plenty of horses. A very enjoyable read. I will be continuing this series at a later time.



Summer at Sunset – Summer #2 by Beth Labonte

Summer Hartwell is getting married. Finding the man of her dreams was easy compared to planning the wedding. Deciding to make it as easy as possible, Summer decides to hold the wedding thousands of miles away from where her mother lives, in the idyllic retirement community where Graham’s parents live.

Who would have believed the things that go on with the over sixties? Golfing, yoga, swinging!  With Summer’s parents arriving a week before the wedding, Summer’s stress levels reach an all time high. When Summer becomes convinced that one of the old ladies is trying to sabotage her wedding everyone, including Graham, has a hard time believing her. With a familiar face turning up out of the blue, the whole wedding could be off . Will Summer get the wedding of her dreams?


I love Summer. Nothing ever goes right for her despite every effort she goes through to ensure a peaceful life.  The antics of the retirement village is hilarious, although I could happily smack Graham for his incessant flirting when he knows it is winding Summer up.

Good to have more of Eric, Summer’s brother, in this story.  He is so laid back he makes Graham look like a worrier.

There are some very sweet and romantic scenes in this book.  Graham shows his love for Summer and stands by her when she starts to fall apart. And the Disney experience is wonderful.

Lovely story, funny and emotional. Same great characters with a few additions. If you have read and enjoyed ‘Summer at Sea’ then you are guaranteed to love this sequel.

Summer at Sea – Summer #1 by Beth Labonte

Summer Hartwell is going on a cruise.  A week long cruise to Bermuda – Sun, Sea & Sex! More like, Stress, Sun cream & Sweaters. Summer is going with…her parents. The only saving grace is that her brother, his girlfriend, and his best friend will also be joining them.

At the age of twenty six, living in her parent’s basement, working as a librarian in a middle school, and having next to no social life leaves Summer with very little romance and no chance of a ‘picket fence’ future so she makes a deal with herself to use the cruise to find a husband.

To say that Summer’s plans don’t work out exactly as she expects would be an understatement. But with her brother’s friend, Graham Blenderman, on hand to show her a good time and forget her husband-hunting, will Summer have the cruise of her life or a nervous break-down to rival her mother’s?


Poor Summer.  Living with her parents is bad enough but living with her over-cautious, over-bearing and over-protective parents is sending Summer hurtling towards her own nervous breakdown.  She has had a crush on Graham Blenderman for years but when he turned her down for her school prom she put all thoughts of him aside which would be easier to do if he wasn’t constantly round her house. When her brother bails on their cruise, Summer finds herself left with not only her parents but Graham as well.  Let the drinks flow…Summer is going to need to them.

This is a great comedy romance. The characters are hysterical. Summer desperately wants to find a husband to have a reason to escape her parents basement. Graham is the joker, constantly finding the fun in everything. Not even Mrs Hartwell can bring him down…ok, there may be a couple of moments, but he soon bounces back. Richard and Joan Hartwell worry and fret about everything – and I mean EVERYTHING!

This is a definite feel-good book. There are no sex scenes but it is implied on occasions. Some strong language but nothing that detracts from the enjoyment of the story.  Highly recommended as a fun summer read.


Summer Lake Romance Box Set: Book 1-3 – Summer Lake #1-3 by S.J. McCoy

This is a contemporary romance collection based around a group of friends who spent their childhood at Summer Lake.  Having kept in touch over the years and now in their early thirties, they are all being drawn back to Summer Lake.

Book 1 – Love like you’ve never been hurt

Emma Douglas has learnt to be cautious of love.  Moving to Summer Lake following the death of her parents, she was always a shy, reserved person despite making some life-long friends who affectionately nick-named her ‘Mouse’.  In the wake of a disastrous marriage she swore she would never love again.  Bumping, literally, into her best friend’s work partner stirs emotions she wished would stay hidden.  Can Jack Benson make Emma believe in love again or will she run at the first sign of trouble? Love and trust are hard earned but it takes a persistent man to bring Emma out of her mouse hole.

Book 2 – Work like you don’t need the money

Pete Hemming has been one of Emma’s best friends since she first moved to Summer Lake.  With Emma’s wedding to his business partner, Jack, approaching he takes his best man duties very seriously, especially when he has to transport the maid of honour from LA to Summer Lake.  The attraction between Pete and Holly Hayes, Emma’s LA best friend, is undeniable but Holly refuses to accept that anything permanent could ever happen between the pair due to their financial and social differences and with Pete’s plan firmly in place he has no room in his life for romance. Will some home truths from those closest to them bring the couple to their senses or are they both just too stubborn to appreciate love when it comes along?

Book 3 – Dance like nobody’s watching

Missy Malone has lived in Summer Lake all her life and been best friends with Pete, Emma and Ben for most of it.  Life hasn’t been easy for her being a single parent to a fourteen year old boy but she has worked hard and is proud of the cleaning business she has established. Her son, Scot, gets lost in his world of computers and when Jack suggests that his brother, Dan, might be able to mentor him, Missy agrees.  Dan Benson is a super tech geek and connects with Scot instantly, he also finds an unknown attraction to Missy. Having never really been in love before, Dan struggles to express his emotions but Missy seems to understand him.  Can two people who are so different be so right for each other and will Missy risk getting involved with Dan if it could cause damage to his relationship with Scot?


This is a great collection of stories and the relationship between all the characters continues to grow and develop with each story. Emma and Jack bring the reader into the world of Summer Lake where we meet Emma’s friends Pete, Missy and Ben, and also Emma’s friend Holly and Jack’s brother, Dan.  There is a real sense of friendship within these books and they are well-written and engaging.  Each story deals with different issues that can arise with new relationships and the bonds that connect friends old and new.

Each couple is wonderful in their own right.  Jack is awesome and shows his love for Emma even when many men would have left due to her insecurity issues. He earns her trust and proves that she can love again.  Pete lives by his plan, which does not involve a long-term romance for another four years.  It takes a good talking to by all of his friends to make him realise the he making a huge mistake if he lets Holly go. Holly has her own issues to deal with and overcome.  Missy has had to be independent for a very long time, bringing up her son and making ends meet.  When Dan comes into her life she struggles to give up her independence, even when her health dictates that she must, and Dan finds himself overwhelmed with emotions that are all new to him.  Never have two people been so opposite but worked so well together.

There is some sizzling sex within these books but what else can you expect when you have well built alpha males (some with Texas cowboy breeding!) who find the women they are destined to spend their lives with.

This is a twelve book series and although most of them are considered standalone I would advise that you read them in turn as all the characters appear in each book. Having read the first three I will definitely been reading the rest of the series soon.