Mystery at Maplemead Castle – The Chapelwick Mysteries by Kitty French

Ghostbusting is never easy.  For Melody Bittersweet it is only made harder by her ex, Leo Dark, and her love/hate nemesis, Fletcher Gunn.

When the new owners of Maplemead Castle employ Melody’s special services she becomes embroiled in the lives of a trio of circus performers (and a lion!).  Trapeze artist, Britannia Lovell, is stuck with her husband and her lover in a repeating performance that has lasted a century. Melody and her ghostbusting team have to find out what is keeping the trio from moving on, but when Leo because bewitched by Britannia her job just gets a whole lot trickier.

Things are also heating up between Melody and Fletch, much to the disapproval of her friends and family.  What is a girl to do?


Hilarious! Melody is back on fine form in this second book in the series.

I think what I like most about Kitty French’s writing is that she is completely British.  The language that she uses is so familiar. Words such as bumholes, boffed and crappola make me feel right at home.

The comedy mixed with the romance mixed with the mystery makes for an entertaining and very enjoyable story.  I really want Melody and Fletch to work out but I’m not sure if the author will ever get them together due to their differences.  If only Fletch would open up his mind a bit and see Melody for the wonderful person she is and if only Melody would get over the fact that Fletch can be a dick sometimes!  The connection and understanding that Melody has for Leo during this mystery is lovely but I do think he deserved the little dig she gives him at the end about broken hearts.

The Fembots made an appearance but did not play as much of a part in this story and I’m not entirely sure I understand what their relationship with Leo is, either way they are no match for Marina and her spiked heels.

The only point I found slightly annoying about this particular story is the continual miss spelling of Britannia’s name.  Sometimes spelt Britannia and others Brittania.  I know it is a small point but it is something that should have been picked up during editing.

Brilliantly funny.  The antics of Melody, Marina and Artie just gets better.  Looking forward to reading the next, with the hope of a little more loving between Melody and Fletch.

Shopping for a CEO’s Wife – Shopping for a Billionaire #12 by Julia Kent

Amanda Warrick, best friend of Shannon McCormick and fianceé of Antedec CEO Andrew McCormick, is living the dream…only her dream is quickly becoming a nightmare.

With the help of her future father-in-law, an over-zealous wedding planner, and the paparazzi plaguing her every move, Amanda finds that planning the most important day of her life just became… unimportant.

Knowing that her love for Andrew and his love for her goes way beyond one day, what can a fixer do to the unfixable? She cancels it!

Join Andrew and Amanda on their journey to Happy Ever After.


All the gang are back again, this time to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Andrew and Amanda. It amazes me that no matter how many books there are in this series, each one is just as good, if not better, than the one before.

Andrew and Amanda really are the perfect couple.  Not because they are “perfect”, more because they aren’t.  They both have their faults, issues and insecurities but the other loves and accepts everything about them.  It has taken a while from their first kiss to get to this point where they are ready to commit however, despite not having Marie to interfere, they have someone much more destructive to their emotional well-being – James McCormick!

This story is full of comical genius. There are moments when I was smiling to full out ‘roll-on-floor’ laughing.  The funniest part for me was the Medi-spa conversation which centered around Amanda, Josh, Carol and Marie.  They are discussing a future mystery shop and as you can expect from these four the conversation goes off on a complete tangent.  Josh’s penis gets discussed at length (pun intended) and as usual mouth-to-brain filters are missing with hilarious outcomes.

This is most definitely a love story.  Don’t ever make me choose my favourite couple between Declan and Shannon or Andrew and Amanda because it just can’t happen.  This series has brought may smiles to my face and will continue to do so for a long time to come, rereading is essential!

Next up – Declan as a daddy! Can’t wait 🙂

The Skeletons of Scarborough House – The Chapelwick Mysteries #1 by Kitty French

Melody Bittersweet is no ordinary woman.  Of course, she does everything that normal women do, she eats anything high in sugar, she fantasises about hot superhero sex, she has a cool best friend and at least one crazy family member, but where Melody is different is that – she can see ghosts!

When she turns twenty-seven, Melody decides that it’s time for a change.  She no longer wants to be a go between, a messenger if you will, for spirits to convey their final thoughts to their loved ones. She wants to help the living to eradicate pesky immortals who cause problems, and so she begins – The Girls Ghostbusting Agency.

On her first case she finds herself in direct competition with the one man who broke her heart and also a fellow ghost-seer, Leo Dark. Along with a non-believing reporter who is out to discredit her entire family, but also happens to be as sexy as hell, Melody is in for a bumpy ride.


Fantastically funny!

The whole concept is brilliantly put together and Melody is such a great character. Teaming up with her best friend Marina, Artie and a pug called Lestat, to form the Girls Ghostbusting Agency (yes, I know, Artie is not a girl but all will be explained when you read the book) leads to the investigation of Scarborough House.

The current owner is trying to sell but has a small issue with his buyers being scared out of their wits every time they enter the premise.  Following a T.V. broadcast by her ex-boyfriend, Leo, who is covering the ghostly going-on at Scarborough House, Melody decides to “lend a hand”.  Going head-to-head with Leo could be the beginning and the end of her agency but when she uncovers the reason for the current infestation of Scarborough spirits she knows she must uncover the truth to allow them the release they need.

A great who-done-it with comical undertones.

Looking forward to reading the next in the series –  Mystery at Maplemead Castle

Love for Scale by Michaela Greene

Rachel Stern is twenty seven, two hundred and forty two pounds and still living at home. Her mother shows her love through food and Rachel knows that this will never change until she makes it happen.  When an unsuccessful speed dating session and a disastrous blind date forces Rachel to rethink her life, she heads off to the nearest Weight Watchers club.

Meeting Finnegan Schwartz is the motivation that Rachel needs.  Having had his own success he becomes her unofficial champion.  Spending time as friends, going out for ‘non-dates’ and enjoying the same exercise class brings Rachel and Finn closer together, but can either of them get over their pasts and accept that someone likes them…just for them?


All too often the female in romance books is a petite blonde with ‘curves in all the right places’ so it is nice to have a change once in a while.  Being a largish person myself, having constantly been on and off diets for most of my life, I think it takes a strong woman to say to herself ‘ I want to look better for me’.  She may be jealous of her best friend who has the super-hot boyfriend but there is so much more to a man than just good looks.  Personality goes a long way and Finn definitely has the personality to suit Rachel.  If we could all find ourselves a Finn the world would be a much happier place.

Being from a Jewish background, the author has injected the culture into her characters. Some words I didn’t know the meaning of but got the general gist as I continued reading.

Humorous and food-loving.   This story was enjoyable and entertaining and also made me hungry!


Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat – Wingmen #2 by Daisy Prescott

Thomas Clifford Donnely, also known as TC – Tom Cat, enjoys the attention of the ladies. Working his way around the island, he has himself a few regular hook-ups but likes to try something new when he can..yes, he is a Man Whore.

Hailey King has had a crush on Tom since they where in high school, however with her tomboy antics and being his sister’s best friend she stayed well under his radar.  Returning to the her childhood island was always something she dreamed of doing, breaking up with her no-good fiancé was not.

In a moment of drunken madness, Hailey tracks down Tom and so begins a sex-with-no-strings relationship.  But what happens when feelings and emotions start to get involved. Can Hailey trust Tom to give up his Tom Cat ways?  Will Tom succumb to his deep down emotions and find his “One True Love”?


I do enjoy reading books from the man’s point of view.  Tom is your typical attractive man who knows it.  He doesn’t want relationships he just wants to have fun but age is not on his side anymore and, with his best friend settling down, it starts to dawn on him that his old ways aren’t so much fun anymore.  Hailey is a great female counterpart to Tom. She doesn’t take any of his nonsense, she is fun, flirty and welds! With lots in common is it no wonder that these two have such a great connection.

There are some very fun scenes in this book that had me laughing, specifically the hot tub moment – “I’m Naked!”.

If you like your men cocky, arrogant and bearded then you will love this book, Tom is all three.  An enjoyable comedy romance from Tom’s point of view. His former Wingman and new girlfriend also make an appearance and I will definitely be reading  John and Diane’s story soon.

Thank You for Holding – On Hold #2 by Julia Kent, Elisa Reed

Carrie Shelton thought she had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect friends and, more importantly, perfect boyfriend.  Right until the moment he dumps her…for another man.

Ryan Donovan has been Carrie’s best male friend since the day they both started at the O Spa together but deep down he has always wanted more.  When Carrie’s boyfriend leaves her just before she is due to be in his sisters wedding, Ryan offers to take her as a “pretend” date.

With neither side knowing that the other wants more than the fake relationship they are portraying, can they overcome fears and past failures to confront their futures?


Brilliant follow up to Our Options Have Changed where we first met Carrie and Ryan.  Now it’s time for their story and what a story it is.

Ryan has always loved Carrie, Carrie has always had feelings for Ryan, neither has the guts to tell the other for fear of rejection and spoiling what they already have.  It takes Carrie’s boyfriend coming out, a weekend wedding, and the help of close friends to make them realise what is right in front of them.

Poor Carrie always wants to see the best in people, even missing the fact that her boyfriend is more effeminate than she is and constantly checking out the ‘costumes’at O when he visits her.   Ryan is the misunderstood hero of the hour.  Not the playboy he is made out to be because, quiet frankly, he is too in love with Carrie.

Their journey is one of hurt, laughter, embarrassment and joy, but ultimately love and I felt each and every one of these as I read this book.  I also never realised that donuts could be so… versatile!



Love Handles – Oakland Hills #1 by Gretchen Galway

All Beverly Lewis ever wanted was to be a pre-school teacher, until the grandfather she has never met leaves her a failing fitnesswear design company. The closest Bev comes to fitness is to walk to the kitchen. How hard can it be to deal with employees when you have based your career on caring for children?

Liam Johnson, Executive Vice President of Fite Fitness, knows what it takes to run the company.  A tough attitude and heartless persona, neither of which fits the new owner with her cheerful smile and cookies.

When someone starts sabotaging her plans and breaks into her house, instead of turning tail and running, Beverly stays to fight her foes causing Liam to see her in a whole different light.

Can Bev save the company and her heart or are both destined to fail?


A fun story with some intersting twists along the way.

Bev is a woman after my own heart.  Yoga pants are for comfort after a hard day, not to actually do Yoga in! And what better way to treat your staff than to bring in homemade cookies and treats.  Liam’s character took some getting used to.  He normally goes for the skinny model, bitchy type but finds something intriguing in Bev who is the complete opposite.  The only problem is his motive for being with her.  This is a constant battle throughout the story – can either of them trust the affections of the other?   Loved Liam’s mum and the relationship she has with her children, not so keen on Bev’s mum.

The twists relating to who was trying to destroy Bev and Liam’s hard work was interesting and although I had my suspicions they were not clarified until nearer the end. They did add a little excitement and mystery to a contemporary romance.

This book also introduced us to some of the other main characters in the follow-up books. Looking forward to finding out how Mark overcomes his fear of women in This Time Next Door.